IN DEVELOPMENT (selection)

Sticky Beak, Family Entertainment, W: Chris Rubino, Hauptfilm Produktion, Producer

Double D, Comedy, W: Chris Rubino, Hauptfilm Produktion, Producer




Susanne, animation short,D: Izabela Plucinska, Line Producer

Walhalla, 360° Format, D: Christian Rau, Associate Producer

Slaves-Modern Slavery, Creative Documentary, D: Marc Wiese, Tellux/IFAGE, Producer

War Diary, Creative Documentary, D: Marc Wiese, IFAGE Filmproduktion, Producer


 Completed (SELECTION)


Villa mit Pinien, Animation (3D), D: Jan Koester, Producer, Hauptfilm Produktion

Stille Reserven, Dystopia Noir, D: Valentin Hitz, Freibeuter Film (AT), Dschoint ventschr (CH), Neue Mediopolis (DE), Producer


How Much Nature Needs Modern Society? TV Documentary, D: Felicitas Darschin, Servus TV, Producer

Deadly Border, TV DocuFiction, ZDF, D: Volker Schmidt-Sondermann, IFAGE Filmproduktion, Producer

One Floor Below, Drama, W/D: Radu Muntean,

co-production MME (RO), le Films de l´ Apres-Midi (FR), Bleck Film (SE), Neue Mediopolis, Co-Producer, several festivals and awards, Premiere: CANNES 2015


The Judgment, Drama, W/D: Stephan Komandarev, in coproduction with Argo film

(BG), Sektor Film (MK), Propeler Film (Croatia), Neue Mediopolis (D), co-producer, Bulgarian Oscar candidate 2016

FAIR PLAY, Drama, director: Andrea Sedláčková, coproduction with Departures Film, Negativ Film (CZ), Arina Film (SK), Co-producer, several festivals and awars, Oscar candidate Czech Republic 2014


Darling, Animation D: Izabela Plucinska, Hauptfilm Produktion, Producer



Children of the East

TV Documentary series, D: Jan Peter, Looksfilm, Producer



Public Ludici (AT),  Animation-Installation for Museum Trier, Talking Animals, Hauptfilm Produktion, Producer 

Teenagers of Wolfen-Nord, Documentary, D: Ralph Etter, Hauptfilm Production, Producer



Variations, 5 Documentary films, UK, D: Detsky Graffam, Associate Producer Germany



24hBerlin, Documentary film project, Zero One 24 GmbH, production coordination

King Drosselbart (HR, fairy tale), (4 episodes, series), Ein Engel für Alle! (ZDF, series) etc., Kinderfilm GmbH, J. Producer



Dwarf Nose, Fairy tale, Kinderfilm GmbH, Director: Felicitas Darschin, J. Producer

Zitronenfalter, halt´s Maul!, Fiction Short, Kinderfilm GmbH, Director: Erek Kühn, Producer



KRIMI.DE, 6 episodes for MDR/KI.KA, Kinderfilm GmbH, Junior Producer



Max Minsky and me,  Feature film for theatrical release, X Filme Creative Pool, location management



Fields of Fuel

Feature Documentary, Blue Water Entertainment, Director: Josh Tickell, production service Germany



The Lives of Others

Feature film, Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion, D: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Production coordination, Oscar 2007, many festivals and awards worldwide